Areas of Opportunity

Many Industrial processes include wet streams that are processed in thermal reactors or dryers to produce the final product. Some of the liquid in the input stream ends up as liquid effluent discharge, nearly 50% of the liquid goes up the stack.

This is an ideal application for TMCAqua™ to recover water and energy from this stack. As much as 80% of the water and available enthalpy can be recovered by TMCAqua™ and can be re-used in the process as hot water.

Some examples include paper drying, spray dryers and spray dryer adsorbers.

Natural gas combustion produces water in the combustion exhaust gas stream. Each MMBtu (MMcf) of gas combusted produces roughly 12.5 gallons of water per hour. This is a vapor rich gas stream that is an ideal application for the TMC technology.

Typical results for gas combustion applications are 40-60% recovery of available moisture as clean water and as much as a 15% improvement in efficiency.

Some examples include package boilers, industrial furnaces and ovens.

Industrial or commercial processes that utilize steam have exhaust stacks laden with hot moisture. These stacks represent an ideal gas stream for the recovery of water and enthalpy for TMC.

Some examples include commercial laundry steam tunnels and food applications utilizing steam such as blanching.