Recover energy and water from your waste exhaust stacks

TMCAqua is a patented technology for boiler and spray dryer exhaust stacks that returns hot water at 175° F within a 12-24 month ROI

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Look Up.

Many processes in chemical, food and consumer product goods industries among others have stacks with hot humid gas streams where energy and water is released to the atmosphere. Most available water recycling technologies are focused on water going down the drain. Yet, in Industrial heating-drying processes up to half the consumed water and a tremendous amount of energy used to heat it up – goes up the stack never to be recovered. We asked ‘why’?

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Meet your Sustainability Goals & Mitigate Your Climate Risk

Facing increased corporate mandates, sustainability and product line leaders are challenged to find solutions that make energy-intensive heating-drying processes such as boilers and spray dryer – especially in water-scarce regions – more sustainable. TMCAqua™ recovers water and energy from hot, humid exhaust stacks. The patented technology captures and returns hot water going up the ‘stack’ for reuse.


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Apply TMCAqua and Lead on Sustainability

In a typical 1000 horsepower natural gas fired boiler, overall efficiency is improved by about 15%. The result? TMCAqua helps product line managers and sustainability leaders reach clean energy mandates by significantly reducing annual water, energy and carbon footprints:

Million Gallons
of Water Saved

MCFs of natural
gas saved

Tons of
Carbon Emissions reduced

For a Spray Dryer with 20000 ACFM exhaust gas flow with 40% moisture by volume, TMCAqua can recover 17 MM Gallons of water, save 175,000 MCF of natural gas and reduce 11,000 Tons of carbon emissions, annually

Given there’s more water and energy used in industrial spray drying processes, the sustainability benefit increases two-fold.