About TMCAqua, LLC

TMCAqua is a spinout created by Green Swan Partners for commercializing GTI’s Transport Membrane Condenser technology globally. This technology will be marketed under the tradename “TMCAqua”.

TMCAqua is a unique nano-ceramic tube technology that is configured in heat exchanger bundles and placed in moisture-laden gas streams. Cold water is circulated inside the tubes and the temperature differential allows for moisture condensation on the tube surface. The pores on the ceramic tube are designed to allow water to permeate through the membrane without any impurities. The cold water flowing through the heat exchanger tubes creates a small vacuum on the inside which further aides the process of driving the condensed water into the tube where it is collected into the cold water stream. The water so collected is at a higher temperature which delivers enthalpy recovery and therefore improves process efficiency. As much as 4-5% efficiency improvement and up to 40% of moisture rcovery has been demonstrated in commercial applications.

TMCAqua technology deliver climate change beenfits by:

  • Efficiency improvement which results in reduced fuel consumption and therefore reduced carbon emission
  • Reduction in Water Vapor released into the atmosphere, which is also a green house gas
  • Reduction in the consumption of clean water which alleviates already stressed fresh water supply


Applications include:

  • Package boilers
  • Commercial Laundries
  • Food and Beverage operations where steam is directly used and/or generated in the process
  • Chemical plants where mositure laden gas streams are generated as part of the process
  • Power boilers


TMCAqua ™ tubes are arranged in heat exchanger bundles and placed in the humid gas stream. Cold process water enters the heat exchanger, collects moisture from the gas stream and exits as hot water that is recycled back into the process.

Heat recovery / efficiency improvement – Up to 5%
Moisture recovery – Up to 40%

Climate Change Impact

For a typical 300 HP Boiler, TMCAqua delivers:

  • Reduction of 4300 MCF of Natural Gas per year
  • Reduction of 5000 Tons of CO2 per year
  • Recovery of 1 Million gallons of water per year

* Actual results may vary based on application


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