Revolutionizing Efficiency and Sustainability in Natural Gas Boilers for Industrial Applications

Commercial and Industrial Natural Gas Packaged-Boilers

Gas fired packaged-boilers are used in commercial applications within university and hospital systems and in industrial applications in the food, CPG, chemical and refining industries, among others. In these applications, TMCAqua recovers clean hot water at about 175-degrees-fahrenheit which can be directly used as boiler feed water or in other applications. In these cases, the technology can improve boiler efficiency to as much as 95%.

Package Boiler Application Results

For a standard 4700 kg steam/hour boiler, TMCAqua™ can:

Recover 1552 kL of free water per year

5.22×106 MJ per year


Improve boiler efficiency 5-12%

Utility Gas Boiler and Combined Cycle – Heat Recovery Steam Generator Systems (HRSG)

Some utility boilers burn natural gas to produce steam that in turn generates electricity. In recent years, coal-fired boilers have been converted to natural gas-fired boilers resulting in capacity and efficiency reduction. TMCAqua can be applied to these boilers and the recovered hot water can be recycled directly into make-up boiler feedwater to improve both efficiency and capacity.

Similarly in Combined Cycle – HRSG applications, the water recovered can be recycled into make-up boiler feedwater for the HRSG boiler delivering efficiency improvements. The results are further improved when hydrogen co-firing is applied to such gas boilers and combined cycle gas turbine plants.

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