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Dive into the Technical Innovations of TMCAqua's Nano-Ceramic Technology

The Revolutionizing Enthalpy Recovery and Sustainability in Exhaust Stacks

TMCAqua is a transport membrane condenser technology that recovers both latent and sensible enthalpy and hot water from waste exhaust stacks. The climate technology was built for temperatures below 300 DegF where traditional heat exchangers are not effective, making it a unique technology to recover low-grade enthalpy that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere. Helping solve water scarcity, the technology improves process efficiency, promotes sustainability and also makes natural gas the ideal transition fuel.


How It Works

TMCAqua’s patented solution is based on a nano-ceramic coating that is applied to hollow fiber ceramic tubes, which when placed in hot, humid gas streams condenses moisture via capillary condensation. The moisture is further filtered through membranes to deliver clean, hot water at 175-degrees-fahrenheit. This water can then be directly reused in the process to improve energy efficiency. In essence, TMCAqua functions as a condenser, a heat exchanger and a membrane filtration system, all rolled into one device.

Redefining Sustainability in Industrial Processes

TMCAqua delivers both water and energy sustainability to natural gas or hydrogen combustion processes and industrial drying processes. The technology brings clarity to product line leaders and global sustainability managers looking to reduce water and energy consumption. In a typical 1000 horsepower natural gas fired boiler, overall efficiency is improved by about 15%. The result? TMCAqua significantly reduces annual water, energy and carbon footprints:

Million Gallons
of Water Saved

MCFs of natural
gas saved

Tons of
Carbon Emissions

Given there’s more water and energy used in industrial spray drying processes, the sustainability benefit increases two-fold.

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