Spray Dryers

Discover how TMCAqua revolutionizes water and energy recovery in industrial spray dryers and paper dryers, optimizing 'balance of plant' operations for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

Optimizing Efficiency and Sustainability in Industrial Spray Dryers with TMCAqua

Spray dryers are commonly used in the CPF, nutraceutical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to create dry powders. The moisture contained in produced liquid or slurry is evaporated into a hot humid gas stream which is then passed through a cyclone and/or baghouse and exhausted up the stack. The moisture content in spray dryer exhaust can be as high as 50% and TMCAqua can deliver water and energy recovery by up to 80%. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global spray dryer market size is projected to reach nearly $9 billion by 2030, and at a CAGR of 6.1% through 2030.

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Revolutionizing Industrial Paper Dryers

In the paper making process, the paper dryer is a critical piece of equipment where the moisture in the paper is driven out and exhausted from the stack. The moisture content of this stack is typically about 50% and TMCAqua can recover as much as 80% of the water and enthalpy contained in these stack gasses.

Find out how TMCAqua fits your ‘balance of plant’ operations.