Introducing TMCAqua ™ Transport Membrane Condenser

A patented nano-coated ceramic tube that yields 5-15% energy savings and recovers 40% of the moisture in hot, humid gas streams. Applications include boilers, chemical and food processing plants, and laundromats.

Transport Membrane Condenser (TMCAqua)

TMCAqua - a multi-function device

TMCAqua is a spinout created by Green Swan Partners for commercializing GTI’s Transport Membrane Condenser technology globally. This technology will be marketed under the tradename “TMCAqua”. TMCAqua is a unique nano-ceramic tube technology that is configured in heat exchanger bundles and placed in hot, humid gas streams.

Heat Exchange

Recovers Hot water thereby
recovering enthalpy


condenses moisture
out of waste gases

Membrance Filter

FIlter water through the membrane
filter wall and produces clean water

Freshwater scarcity

  • 70% of the world is covered in water, however freshwater is incredibly rare
  • 3% of water is freshwater; of which only 1% is accessible to fuel and feed
    6.8 billion people
  • By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages due to climate change, conflict and overpopulation

Water consumption and loss

  • Water consumed in a process ends up in liquid discharge (wastewater) or in the exhaust gas stream
  • In some applications as reported by a F500 CPG, as much as 45% of the water is lost in the exhaust gas
  • Most of the water sustainability efforts in the past have focused on liquid discharge. Any additional investment in the liquid discharge side delivers diminishing returns
  • Waste exhaust gas stream represents a large untapped opportunity for water sustainability

TMC - Sustainability Drivers

European Market Drivers:

  • High cost of natural gas
  • Water is a valued resource
  • CO2 credits/tax
  • Sustainability mandates

US Market Drivers:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Water is scarce in the
    Western US
  • Sustainability mandates